Google Apps Migration

Google Apps MigrationGoogle Apps is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites.

Gammacom can advise, assist or completely implement the migration from legacy systems to Google Apps. This includes all user email, calendar schedules, contacts, and all company data required to be made available in the cloud. We have user training available to make the migration so much simpler for your company and your users. We can even minimize downtime by conducting activities outside of your business hours.

Don't waste your time with complex mail setups, inferior support, less than acceptable security, or the like. Switch to Google Apps today and enjoy the reliability and security. Ask Gammacom to find out more about our Google Apps Migration process, or just to find out more about Google Apps.