Structured Cabling

Are your servers stuck in a corner somewhere, an eyesore for anyone that happens to walk by? Gammacom can straighten out the wiring and nest of cables that are currently found in your "server room" and create a more efficient and physically secure environment for all of your infrastructure hardware. Physical security is one of the most often overlooked risks in a company's network. A knowledgeable cabling company, like Gamamcom, can design a solution for you that will be aesthetically pleasing while still providing the required accessibility needed for your environment.

Gammacom Structured CablingStructured cabling provides a foundation which an overall network strategy is built upon. Strategic planning ahead of time with Gammacom can save you a lot of headaches in the future with regards to moving, changes, rearrangements, and upgrades. We will ensure you have a network capable of sustaining current and future bandwidth loads.

From initial needs assessment, network cabling design, and project management to final delivery, Gammacom will be by your side to ensure your next cabling project is completed in time and on budget with professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail.

Work with a dedicated team of professionals to help you identify the variables of the space being cabled. Devise a detailed plan based on industry proven best practices and years of experience is for optimal office cabling, furniture placement, server room cabling, wireless device cabling and electrical requirements. We’ll help you evaluate all the elements, such as server room location, cable type, building codes, and more. Gammacom will outline a personalised network cabling system, structured and tailored to fit your businesses individual needs. At every step, we go the extra mile to ensure your cabling will not only be efficient and reliable, but aesthetically pleasing as well.Gammacom Structured Cabling

  • Supply, installation and testing of structured cabling systems
  • Testing and certification to current standards and requirements
  • Network room and cabinet design and installation
  • Data centre design and installation
  • Patch Leads, audio/ visual cables and accessories
  • Refurbishments and upgrades
  • Additional outlets
  • Physical security
  • Expert technicians
  • Constant support