Gammacom ServersPowerful server technology brings Gammacom's experience building and operating public clouds to customers running the server platforms. We can help you deliver and manage a cost-effective IT infrastructure–both physical and virtual. Gammacom provide a modern, open application platform for both today’s software applications and tomorrow’s hybrid cloud solutions. Helping provide your users with access from almost anywhere and any device, giving them the flexibility to stay productive while on the go.

Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Virtualizing your server hardware improves both scalability and performance. It helps you deliver a fully-isolated, multitenant environment that includes tools to help guarantee nearly 100% uptime. With Gammacom server technology you can continually increase your VM density without additional costs for virtualizing infrastructure and applications.
You can also virtualize your networks and enable software-defined networking. This provides the flexibility to move networks freely within your business environment or to a hosting provider without reconfiguration. It also provides network isolation among the VMs running on different virtual networks, enabling multitenant environments.
Gammacom provides new storage scenarios which offer high availability on industry-standard server hardware. Make the most of your storage by thin-provisioning and trimming VM storage, pooling diverse storage resources, and abstracting them for flexible usage throughout your environment. Use file servers as file-based network storage for application data—now with the high levels of performance and reliability those scenarios require.

Modern App Platform

Gammacom ServersGammacom servers are broad, scalable, and elastic platforms that gives you the flexibility to build, deploy, and manage applications and websites on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, using a consistent set of tools and frameworks.
Programming consistency and common development tools can help ease the transition to the cloud, while enabling hybrid applications across on-premises and service providers.
Gammacom servers provide frameworks, services, and tools to help increase scalability and elasticity for applications that support multitenancy, and improve website density and efficiency. This both benefits IT professionals in traditional datacenters and also helps service providers to more effectively build, provision, and manage hosting environments.
We offers enhanced support for open frameworks, open source applications, and development languages. Web standards, PHP, and node.js are supported, while .NET Framework 4.5 offers features and improvements such as support for asynchronous file operations, web, and networking enhancements.

Anywhere Access

Gammacom ServersThe modern workstyle is defined by flexibility in how and where users access their data and applications. Centralized desktops and remote access solutions have been made easier to deploy and to manage, providing an easier way to give users more secure access to corporate infrastructure.
Gammacom servers enable a personalized, rich user experience from many more devices while adapting to different network conditions quickly and responsively. Remote users can change locations or devices while maintaining an experience close to that of a laptop or PC, enabling them to maintain their productivity.

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