Website Optimization

Website optimization is the fine art re-engineering the code behind a website to increase visibility for search engines. Commonly known as SEO (search engine optimization), the process is not about purchasing advertising on Google or Yahoo, although many people believe this is exactly the case. Websites appear organically in search engines without any marketing at all, however correctly coded sites will benefit greatly from the way in which search engines evaluate the data within the site.

Gammacom Website OptimizationAdding meta-tags and plethora of keywords will make my site appear higher, right? Wrong! It may help a little but its just one link in the chain of data - a chain that has dozens of links. Search engines use a more personalized approach to ranking pages based on multiple factors from user search history, trending topics, page rank based on information linking, unique data, to name just a few.

Gammacom can analyse and re-engineer your website to better expose your site to search engines. We don't use tools to magically make sites better - we use common sense, combined with knowledge of the internal workings of common search engines to hand craft the code of your  website. We wont promise you the top result in your favourite search engine - anyone who offers that service is fraudulant. No one can gauruntee a top result because no one knows what the end user will search for. What we can promise is greater exposure with a higher chance of users arriving at your site when their search is genuinely looking for a product or service you are offering.

There is nothing we will do to your site that you cannot do yourself with some training and the right information. Gammacom can set your company on the right track by teaching the skills required to maintain your site in a search engine friendly manner. In fact, we'd rather you take care of your own site so we can teach others to do the same. We can all help make the internet a better, more efficient experience for everyone.

Talk to Gammacom to find out more about increasing your website exposure now and well in the future.