Plastic Card Solutions

Gammacom SmartcardsSmart cards, proximity cards, security and RFID cards are available for many different applications such as access control, e-purse, transit ticketing, device usage and cost control, and identification. Amongst similar applications, cards come in a number of brands, formats and configurations.

With the right information, Gammacom can provide a competitive supply of cards to suit most applications, both in plain and pre-printed designs.

Common card formats such as Mifare 1K and 4K, HID Prox, Duo Prox, Indala, Motorola and other popular formats are available for fast delivery.

Delivery of smart and proximity cards is subject to delays in customisation of security codes, pre-printing or personalisation.

Prox | RFID | Access Cards

Gammacom Access Cards
Gammacom provide a full range of brand and styles of contactless smart, RF and Access control cards.

Contact Chip Card

Gammacom Contact Chip Card
Contact Chip cards come in a variety of compatibilities and capacities. With precise information about the cards you need, Gammacom can provide your card solution.

Mifare 1K S50

Gammacom Mifare S50 1k Cards
The Mifare S50 is one of the world’s most popular contactless smart cards. Gammacom keep the Mifare S50 1K cards in stock in a high quality laminated printable white stock at competitive prices.

Gammacom Mifare S50 Cards

Family Mifare Cards come in a range of models including:

  • MIFARE Ultralight/ C
  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Plus

Pricing on application. Seasonally variable, depending on volume.